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333 compressedA number of us gathered last week for Success to Significance. It was a good time.

Not only did we find fellowship and warm food and drink out of the stormy rainy evening, but we took a look at what are the keys to success and what are the distinctions of significance.

We learned that significance comes from inside us and our experience of how we live in the world, the choices we make and the manner in which we show up.

And I’m already looking ahead at next month’s Cyndy’s Speaking Series.

Our topic for February 12th is Tribal Thinking.

The book Tribal Leadership is the impetus for this evenings discussion. Having read Tribal Leadership a couple of years ago, it was a life-changing read. My own understanding of much of what I was encountering and experiencing made perfect sense after reading this book.

I am excited to pass on the basic premise of this book and to then explore the ramifications of Tribal Thinking and how all of us are affected by this every single day.

Part of my excitement is that the findings that led to this book directly line up with all of the training that I have received as a coach, specifically in regards to the power of language in and over our lives.

Did you know that your language reveals your ‘tribe’, the basic premise and world-view and paradigms by which you are doing life?

Did you also know that through language you can transform the basic premise and world-view and paradigms by which you are doing life?

Simply put, change our thinking, change our language, and we change our lives.

This in a nutshell is what I’m presenting February 12th. We would love to have you join us!

Mark it on your calendar. It may seem a ways off, but it is closer than we think!

time and place

Come with a friend, we will be having a door-prize of my newest book, Thoughts – Taking One Day at a Time.

Good food and great people plus powerful thoughts equals an evening you don’t want to miss!

Any questions don’t hesitate to Contact Me

See you there!

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