Miracles Come Softly

There is a Janette Oke book from long ago called Love Comes Softly. It is the story of a pioneer couple set in the USA mid-west late 1800’s. Their lives coming together is chronicled as love coming softly to them, for each other. Instead of a big bang of feelings and passion they slowly grew into love together.

And this has been coming to my mind. In terms of miracles.

So much of our language around miracles comes with an expectation of suddenlies, where all of a sudden something drops into place for us, seemingly out of the blue.

Now, I believe in miracles. I affirm suddenlies. Yet, as I look at my own life I can attest to the very-strong-sense that what has gone right in my life has done so by degrees and over a span of years. Sometimes, many years.

Imagine this: I once had fibromyalgia. A chronic pain disease. It nearly sent me to bed rest. But I was connected up with good cellular strengthening nutrients. I intentionally began removing stress from my life. And I began dealing with repressed anger deep within.

Today, these past many years in fact, you would not guess that I was once increasingly crippled by fibromyalgia. This, is a miracle, to my mind. It is certainly a miracle in my life from where I once was to where I am today!

But it came by and by, over a number of years and with good cooperation on my part. I sought the miracle and took measures to affirm health, wholeness, and life for myself.

Many things on the outside, of grand sweeping vistas and momentous developments often have at the backside, years of faithfulness and reaching for all of what might be.

Miracles happen in our own hearts and minds first, and then outward in the day to day of living.

I don’t know about you but I’m waiting for miracles again and still. My gaze is often on the future and what is required as we carry on. It’s not always certain what may be but I’ve come to understand that miracles come softly.

They rarely rush upon us. Although, bravo!, for when they do. The longest lasting developments are those that are built within us from the inside out. It’s the infrastructure of heart and mind, of manner and thinking that lays a strong foundation for more of life and life abundant to overshadow us.

Becoming on the inside, brings about what we desire on the outside. In that order.

Miracles come softly. Have you personally noticed this? And where might you be expecting it still? Note the horizon of your life with gratitude on your lips and wonder at what might be.

And by and by we may look over our shoulder and realize how far we’ve come and all the Lord has done for us. Be in expectation and take courage for your journey.

“I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” Psalm 27:13-14

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  1. Wow great, encouraging, increasing faith story.
    May God bless all the christian worries.
    Also God bless my respected, honorable, hard worker, passionate leader, and balla balla…

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