Only Boys Aloud

AffirmationThe last weeks my attention has been caught by Britain’s Got Talent. With auditions and semi-finals and finals, my votes were on a few notable talents.

Take a few minutes to watch this performance for instance: 

Only Boys Aloud – Welsh Choir

I don’t know about you, but I found them absolutely beautiful.

Not the only inspiring performance, there were most assuredly others.

And as I watched a number of these auditions a number of times, I was struck by how each didn’t really know how they had done.

Would they receive the coveted four ‘Yes’s’ or not?

Just as these lads at the end, so touched and relieved and over-joyed at the favorable response. Surprised in fact.

Yet to those of us watching, it is very apparent very early on that Only Boys Aloud Choir would in fact receive four approvals to the next round.

It wasn’t even a question in our minds, they were that good.

We could see it, could feel it.

Yet they didn’t know it, didn’t have that same confidence.

It was the same with all the very best performances.

While the worst of the performances were truly surprised that they didn’t get through, the very best didn’t all the way know how great they were.

And isn’t this the way with all of us.

We don’t really know how we are doing most of the time.

There are most likely brilliant things about the way you are doing life, are you aware of them?

There are most likely brilliant things about the way others around you are doing life,

Have you told them? Given your feedback?

We all need feedback, need to know where we are at and how we stand in any given endeavor.

For only then can we get better. Only then can we become the best we can be.

Give the gift of feedback today.

The Only Boys Aloud Welsh Choir took third place in Britain’s Got Talent, but even more than that, they’ve gone home with a jolt of much needed encouragement and affirmation.

Something that doesn’t do any one of us a bit of harm.

Affirm someone today.

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