Pain Upon Pain

Mbale March 2012 331

Before my first trip to Uganda I inquired of the Lord, “Why me?”

“Why is it so important that I, a simple woman from Surrey, go to Africa?”

While God had been telling me for quite some time about the work to come, I still didn’t completely get it, “Why me?”

Like all queries I held this one open before the Lord and waited on the answer, and within a few weeks time, I had my answer.

I was in conversation with a pastor who had been partnering in Uganda for nine years. And over tea he spoke about his experiences, and in the midst spoke this one sentence, “There is so much pain upon pain.”

Bingo! Then I knew why I was going to Africa and beyond.

Through my own journey I’ve come to learn and carry the authority to speak into pain upon pain, and loose it off of folks. It’s been my own journey and now I give it out to others.

There is a single sentence in Jeremiah 22:3 that says, “Rescue from the hand of the oppressor the one who has been robbed.”

This is what we do. You can read more about it HERE>

My first trip to Uganda I met many lovely people. One couple really stood out to me. They were beautiful, alive, and obviously delighted with each other. He helped to get me around on his boda-boda, she gave me her scarf one evening. They were friends I’d simply not yet met.

The next time I was there, some four months later, there was trouble. Violence and disruption had entered the home, and the light was going from her eyes.

Another three months passed and I was there once again. This time, things were really not well. He had taken a second wife. Her world had collapsed. She was the primary caretaker of some 12 children and the second wife was giving no assistance.

Besides that, her heart was broken. She was deeply grieving. And the woman I’d known to be so energetic and delightful was somber and sad. Deeply sad.

The change and the sorrow, and the rage of my own heart, as I watched this play out reminds me of why I am going to these places. It is to ease sorrows.

The Lord gives me pictures you see. And I then simply pray into them.

On my first trip as we went from one elderly home to another, we came to a lovely older woman sitting serenely on her mat in front of her house.

As my companion spoke with her, I saw a picture of many arrows lodged in her body. So I asked my companion to inquire of her, “Was there ever a time when many bad things happened to you all at once?”

She replied a simple, “Yes.”

So right there I prayed away those ‘arrows’. The attacks upon a life can in fact be rendered null and void when the blood and name of Jesus Christ are spoken over that life.

Everywhere I went the most common testimony was, “You’ve just taken us to the next level Cyndy.”

But of course, it wasn’t me, it is the power of Jesus Christ.

You see, it is not the lack of physical things per se that have us in pain. It is not a simple life that bears down upon us. There is something much more going on behind the scenes.

Our hearts that bear too much for too long need healing, releasing, freedom. Quite simply, the touch of Jesus Christ. This is the primary work of Capturing Courage Int’l.

We are praying away that pain upon pain, easing emotions, releasing strongholds.

I’m praying for my friend who no longer has a husband, who has been relegated to the ‘other wife’. I pray for their children. For though their situation is humble, there was order and discipline and amazing peace in their home, before the pain began.

Jesus Christ came to heal pain upon pain, to carry it himself so that we don’t have to. It’s the least we can do, declaring this around the world.

Amen and amen – to God be the glory.

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