The Second Witness

008 compressedThe Bible time and time again speaks about the second or third witness. How when two or more are gathered in the Lords name, that what is asked for is done, (Matthew 18:19). That in matters of law and court, that a second witness is the necessary piece, (2 Corinthians 13:1).

In light of this need for testimony and the importance of a second witness all through scriptures, imagine this:

You are standing. On your right is God and what God says about you. The beautiful, encouraging, affirming, loving words over your life.

On your left side, is Satan and what Satan says about you. The ugly, slanderous, condemning, hateful words about your life.

And in all that God is declaring are the good plans for you, the life he has available, the ministries and influences, the good works, made just for you.

In all that Satan is declaring are the destruction, the losses, the chaos and degradations, and all that Satan seeks to rob from you.

God is declaring about your future, declaring his love for you, declaring hope and a promise of life.

Satan is spewing hatred and shame about your past, spewing condemnation and death.

Two voices. Two intentions. One for life and purpose, the other for death and loss.

And you, standing between the two, hearing both, you provide the second witness.

You, by your words and actions declare if you are agreeing with Satan or with God. You are the second witness.

As we read in Isaiah 43:12

“I declared and saved and proclaimed, when there was no strange god among you; and you are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and I am God.”

We read about John, “He came as a witness, to bear witness about the light, that all might believe through him.”  1:7

Is your life, your words, your actions, the decisions you are making, the way you are living, do these things bear witness to God or to Satan?

Do we bear witness to the light, to life, to miracles, to the Spirit, to the goodness of God, or not?

Some years ago I was working through sexual abuse memories and had been delving into the resulting destructive behaviors in my life, looking for the Lord’s healing and freedom.

And in the midst of that particular summer, when I starkly and with raw emotion saw the destruction over my life, the initial attacks, my own crippling dysfunctions and immense hatreds, into that ugly process the Spirit asked me this,

“In light of all that has gone wrong in your life. In light of all that is ugly and oh so wrong,

Will you love me?

Will you trust me?

Will you know me to be good?”

It was an experience of being at the cross once more, of seeing the death of Christ, the resurrection of Christ, and the salvation of Christ, and deciding once more, do I want him and will I accept him?

Will we agree with God’s words over my life, or will we agree with the attacks of Satan over my life?

Looking back, I clearly see that in light of all the evil and ugly in my own life, it was a time of decision – to whom would I give witness?

It lands with us. We either give witness to the enemy in our lives or to God in our lives. Not both. For a divided house will fall, (Luke 11:17). We must choose and live accordingly.

Choosing to be a second witness for the Lord has us doing a few things:

1. We let go of needing God to make account of our life. We let God off the hook, so to speak, about the things that have gone wrong.

2. We move our gaze from what has been to what will be. Our focus shifts from the past to the present and the future. We grow forward.

3. In this we surrender our past to the Lord. We give it over as a gift of sorts, allowing the full working of God through it. We let it go and put it into his hands.

The attitudes of our heart shifts to:

1. Worship – we give God the praise.

2. Gratitude – our hearts are grateful.

3. Trusting – our future rests in the Lord.

As the second witness we choose how our life will go. Our words and actions are incredibly powerful and as a second witness they speak volumes.

Step back from your own life for a moment. Think of just yesterday and the things you chose to do, the manner in which you acted, the words that came from your mouth, as well as the self-talk that was in your head and heart.

To whom were you giving second witness to? Did your thoughts reflect the truth that God speaks over you and others, or did your thoughts reflect the lies that Satan speaks over you. To whom are you in agreement?

With a bit of introspection and prayer we can look at all areas of our lives and the way we go about living and see quite easily where we are agreeing with God or not.

The point of course being, that we want to be the second witness to God in our lives, not the enemy.

The things of the enemy have a spirit of:

1. Condemnation

2. Criticism

3. Doubt

4. Fear

And much more. Agree with these things in either emotion, thought, word, or action and you will get what you are focusing on. Make choices based on fear and you will strengthen the stronghold of fear on your life. Speak words riddled with doubt and you will increase the doubt in your life. Literally.

The things of God are marked by:

1. Acceptance

2. Courage

3. Grace

4. Generosity

And much more. Agree with these things in either emotion, thought, word, or action and you will receive back your investment. Make choices based on generosity and you will live an expansive open life. Speak words laden with grace and you will live life flavored  by grace.

The manner by which you do life is completely and 100% yours to decide. No one is living your life but you. To whom will you give witness?

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