Walking in Spiritual Authority – Part Two – At the Cross

The human construct of our hearts, minds and psyches are equipped for the work of the lord by a systematic and deliberate process of breaking down and rebuilding.

Much like a process of increasing physical strength through weight-lifting, we too must be poured through a rigorous regimen to break down our protective barriers, our fear based reactions and the default buttons by which we do life.

There is a meeting of hearts in this experience that will never be found in a simple meeting of the minds. We engage both heart and mind and find in that intersection a full vision and experience of God.

Part Two: At the Cross & Leadership

The chaff of our lives must be brought to the cross. Anything that leaves us compromised or weak must have the breath of the Spirit breathed through. The concern with self must be surrendered, with spiritual disciplines taking its place. We steep ourselves in love, holiness, and the covering of Christ.

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We will be surprised to find that the Biblical perspective of leadership is far different than we suppose. Not only is it more powerful than we ever imagined it actually will require of us more than anything we ever thought. Stepping up to the plate is the opportunity of our lifetime and a gift to our age.

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The years of preparation are never a waste. While there are seemingly random events and circumstances to our lives we realize that God has indeed had every single detail worked out in its minutest form.

We are stretched to trust him with our very lives, and once the King knows he can trust us we move in him and have our being through him in ways we never imagined.

And because he knows we follow well he says, “Lead on, we are backing you.”

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Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs judgment. James 2:12 ESV.

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