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Investing Mommyness

real emotions and strong livesI began my own mothering journey some twenty-five years ago. At the time I had no idea the years to come and the full hearts and years of being a Mom.

Today I look back and I am simply so glad that I invested years into the lives of my children. I’m also deeply thankful for the profound strengths that they built into me.

The journey of motherhood is fraught with emotion and momentum, with service beyond what we think we can do, and with the unaccountable at every turn. Mothering is hard work.

Yet the privilege of carrying lives in our hearts is just that, a profound privilege.

And it is not unlike our opportunity in service to others around our world. All ministry is the heart of a mother’s heart. It is the courage to carry another in the heart, to resonate with dreams and priorities different than our own.

Being a Mom simply makes our hearts bigger – and into this expanded place of love we have much to pour out into other lives. Once made strong we have strength to give to others.

This is the privilege of being a Mom.

It is meant to take us beyond ourselves, and into the world.

Our bodies, as women, are prohibited from bearing children for our entire lives. It appears that the Lord set it up so our years as Mom would in fact be limited, for there is just so much more of the world that needs the strength of Moms.

The lessons learned as Mom are to be taken out there. While we are nurtured in our homes and with our families, the goal of all nurturing is to make strong people, to instill confidence and skill sets that can serve a wider audience.

This applies to Moms as well. The most resilient and strong people on the planet are Moms.

So, harness up your life, and invest it in something bigger than yourself. You’ve already been doing this for years no doubt, where might you like it to go now?

Capturing Courage Stories & Prayer from around the World

You are Invited - April 21st

Bucket List

Cyndy LavoieI’ve never been ambitious in the traditional sense of the word. Never really had any burning desire to travel, had little inclination to jump out of planes (okay, no inclination), and haven’t ever been very daring when it comes to my personal physical being (ladders too high scare me).

I don’t ski, I don’t windsurf, I don’t even jog. Until I went to Uganda I would have chosen to stay off of a motorcycle thank-you-very-much. Mountains are pretty to look at but I don’t need to climb them.

Long story short I’ve struggled making a bucket list. You know, that list of things we would love to do before we die, before we kick the bucket?

Well I’ve not really had one. Until I realized that of course I do – it just looks very different than what I was expecting. So different in fact that I almost missed it.

Yet stirring deep in my being, for some time now, have been the following desires, and it has occurred to me that this is my bucket list.

1. I want to be transported in the Spirit to a gathering of believers across the seas.

2.  I want to board a plane without having bought a ticket, my ticket just being there by the Lord.

3. I want to raise the dead to life.

4. I want to heal bodies.

5. I want to meet and minister to Moses and Elijah when they sit in sackcloth on the streets of Jerusalem, maybe give them a bottle of water each.

6. I want to be a New York Times bestselling author.

7. I want someone to recognize the language I am speaking when I speak in tongues.

8. I want to pray and declare emotional and spiritual freedom over multitudes.

9. I want to have my children alongside me in ministry.

10. I want to receive a gem-stone supernaturally from the Lord.

11. I want to walk under an open heaven.

12. I want to see nations transformed by the power of God’s immense love and grace.

And that’s it. Twelve relatively simple things. This list feels quite doable but only because of who my God is. Not one of these can I make happen on my own. They all require collaboration of the highest order.

And something about that tickles me pink, and leaves me very excited.

God Forbid

capturing courage international, living outrageous lives, going after the gold, not settling, go for more, more service, more love, take a risk, live a life bigger than you, make a difference, go after your calling, invest in your dreams, respond to God's call for you, refuse less-than living, make some changes, I ran across someone yesterday using the verse, “I must be less and he must be more” to justify not going after anything more than what they already have, to merely settle, and silence the whispers that say, ‘there is more’.

To the person stuck with self at the center this is the kind of theology we get.

To those hunkered in right and wrong, good and bad kind of thinking, theology gets skewed.

“I must be less and he must be more” becomes about doing less, when it is rather an injunction to living bigger than ourselves.

I less and God more means that our lives are poured out on behalf of others.

I less and God more means that the decision we make do not revolve around our comfort or our safety, whether physically or psychologically.

Refusing to go after that ‘more’ that God calls each of us to, is choosing psychological safety. And it is death. A living death.

Because we are in fact made for so much more.

Contentment in God is not about ensuring our comfort. Its about giving our comfort away and finding in the midst of less that we are at home none-the-less.

Oswald Chambers put it best, “Let us pray lest we seek merely for peace and not to and for God himself.”

God forbid that we should use his word to live safer lives.

Not in Vain

008 compressedAs we walk our journey’s with God we may at some time come to realize that we think of God the Father, or we feel a real relationship with Jesus yet hardly know the Holy Spirit.

Or we think much of the Holy Spirit and ignore Jesus and cannot stomach the Father. Others still find companionship with Jesus while others know God but outside the context of Christ.

Spiritual Authority is all about harnessing the fullness of God, the full spectrum of glory and directing it. Because this comes out of the context of relationship with God, how are we to do this if there is a part of God we are not familiar with or comfortable?

Unless with are in relationship with all of God, it begins to be a taking advantage of the power found in the Lord. This is the exact sin that the first of the Ten Commandments addresses, “Do not take the name of your Lord in vain.”

We surface skim this verse thinking it has to do with the words of our mouths. We apply it to swearing and yet the commandment is about something much deeper.

The context to which this commandment is speaking is the state where we see the power of God, recognize the amazing things in and through God and want that for ourselves yet without the relationship.

In the Old Testament when the Israelites settled in the promised land there were all sorts of other nations watching. If you remember, the Lord went before the Israelites. God was their might as they conquered and settled in the land.

They were a powerful force to be reckoned with, and the nations round about them recognized that it was due to the God of Heaven and Earth that they had that great power.

These other nations wanted that power for themselves. So they would ‘use the Lord’s name in vain’. They drew on the name of God yet without any relationship base by which to do so. Thus the ‘in vain’ reality of their words and the heart-sin of using God.

As believers we can come under this same judgment. We pray to Father God yet ignore Jesus Christ. We come under the influence of the Holy Spirit yet reject the admonitions of the Father. We stand solidly in Jesus Christ yet judge anything smacks of crazy Holy Spirit stuff.

Simply put, being divided does not work and in the end we may come to see that while we’ve been operating in the name of our Lord we actually never knew him or welcomed him.

“On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast our demons in your name, and do many might works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you ; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” Matthew 7:22-23

The realization that we have been denying one part of God is a grand revelation, and maybe you are realizing today that there is a part of God that you are uncomfortable with and haven’t been too keen to fully accept.

As with all revelations this comes from the grace of God revealing to us the secrets of our hearts. In this we can know that God desires to open our hearts and minds to more of who he is and as we welcome all of who God is, we are truly equipped.

Engaging and welcoming all of who God is, entering into a relationship rather than scripts and formats is the only way to ensure that the authority by which we operate truly is of God.

God does not want to be taken advantage of any more than the rest of us.


NOTE: This post is an excerpt of our Walking in Spiritual Authority course that we are beginning this Friday. The class is full (although we’ve tucked in a few more just today).

Please keep us in your prayers as we study Module One – The King’s Heart & Understanding Authority.


P1310658A new year brings all sorts of expectations and possibilities. It is no different here at Capturing Courage.

With a Team Weekend Away in just a few days, we will be looking at what 2012 was and then directing our gaze forward.

My own heart has been meditating on the question, “What do I want?” It is the same question offered to me by the Lord, “What do you want?”

It is a question beyond all the ought and should that so easily entangles us. It is a question that presumes upon an open arena upon which to play. Like a canvas that has not yet been painted on.

What do you want?

It is the same question that Jesus asked others.

The blind man Bartimeaus was by the side of the road, he was calling out to Jesus and trying to get near to him, and Jesus asks, “What do you want?”

It is both a liberating and offensive question. (He is blind, can you not see what he might want?!)

And yet in this question Jesus puts Bartimeaus in the drivers seat of his own life. Yes Jesus could work a miracle for him, but did he want it?

Jesus in no way ever presumed to know what another wanted. He always asked.

And God is still asking each and every one of us this same question every single day, “What do you want?”

It’s not an easy one to answer. For the query leads us to what and how might we engage what we want. There will be action and risk put to task. There will be a stretching of who we are and we won’t remain the same.

What do we want?

While the course is laid, the manner of movement established, the values and the non-negotiable made plain to see, the actual action we then take comes down to what we want.

It is the place where we must sink into our passion. Where our hearts desires are first acknowledged and then given voice.

As I personally look at 2013 there are twenty-three overseas communities that have invited me to come and visit and minister to them. That is more than I can do this next year. So how do we decide? How do we figure out where Capturing Courage will be going?

We decide by heart. What places are drawing me to them? Which ones resonate the strongest? Whom might I enjoy serving alongside the most? Where might I pour love this year?

There is for sure an element of where might God like me to go and the timing is of course very important, and yet at the base equation I cannot check my heart alongside his heart if I do not yet know my heart.

What do I want?

God has opened every door and therefore every door is free to go through. Open doors are a done deal.

It now comes down to, “What do I want?”

So that is the question I am settling into these last weeks. I’m getting in touch with my own desire and passion and hearts response amongst the invitations and grand folk I’ve already met and the phone calls and emails of those I’ve not yet met.

Problem is, I want to go to each one of these places. My heart says ‘yes’ to all of them, and so I must in fact go deeper and get in touch with my own passion on a more intimate level in order to answer the question.

It isn’t easy. Passion never is.

Blind Bartimeaus could have asked for lunch for his next day. Or he could have requested a fresh pair of socks. Maybe a new t-shirt or shoes even.

But Bartimeaus had been doing some soul searching. He had been getting in touch with his passion and the deepest desires of his heart and so when Jesus asked him what he wanted he was ready, “I want to see.”

He was instantly healed that day. (see Mark 10:46-52)

“I want to see” are profound and beautiful words.

How many of us are really honest about what we want? How many of us are willing to risk asking and speaking a desire that is so risky that if we put it out there and it doesn’t come to be we will forever be shamed?

Not many of us. But that is the task of our every day and the privilege of living.

Ask and it will be given to you.

What are we asking for?

What do we want?

Walking in Spiritual Authority – Part Two – At the Cross

The human construct of our hearts, minds and psyches are equipped for the work of the lord by a systematic and deliberate process of breaking down and rebuilding.

Much like a process of increasing physical strength through weight-lifting, we too must be poured through a rigorous regimen to break down our protective barriers, our fear based reactions and the default buttons by which we do life.

There is a meeting of hearts in this experience that will never be found in a simple meeting of the minds. We engage both heart and mind and find in that intersection a full vision and experience of God.

Part Two: At the Cross & Leadership

The chaff of our lives must be brought to the cross. Anything that leaves us compromised or weak must have the breath of the Spirit breathed through. The concern with self must be surrendered, with spiritual disciplines taking its place. We steep ourselves in love, holiness, and the covering of Christ.

  • ego | humility | compassion | empathy | emotional health | heart | spirit | discipline | mastery | all about God | spiritual authority resume | prayer | faithfulness | obedience | holiness | permission | cooperation | vision | calling | character development

We will be surprised to find that the Biblical perspective of leadership is far different than we suppose. Not only is it more powerful than we ever imagined it actually will require of us more than anything we ever thought. Stepping up to the plate is the opportunity of our lifetime and a gift to our age.

  • leadership and healing | people | spiritual arrogance | timing | advanced in the kingdom | the second witness | declaration | spaces | spiritual assignment | staying true | brokenness | levels of authority | how big is your sword | bearing witness | words | action | body of Christ

The years of preparation are never a waste. While there are seemingly random events and circumstances to our lives we realize that God has indeed had every single detail worked out in its minutest form.

We are stretched to trust him with our very lives, and once the King knows he can trust us we move in him and have our being through him in ways we never imagined.

And because he knows we follow well he says, “Lead on, we are backing you.”

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Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs judgment. James 2:12 ESV.

A Re-Birthing

light of the worldIt amazes me how much time is needed to find ourselves.

As I write this I am sitting at my dining table on a quiet Sunday morning. Outside the wind is blowing and the rain is falling. It is cold and wintry.

Inside the fireplace is on, a few candles are lit and I’ve a cup of tea beside me.

Pure bliss I say.

This time last year I was in Uganda, and so it feels that this transition of fall into winter is a new fresh wonder.

I am loving the smell of the air when I go outside. The crisp tang is invigorating and in contrast the soft lights of inside warm me through and through.

I’ve been relishing in all of it these last weeks, thinking the delight in it is just because I missed it last year.

But upon further contemplation and a real ‘listening’ to my inner being I realize that something much bigger and deeper is going on.

Just over three years ago I stepped away from my very chaotic marriage. At the time I intuitively knew that I would need five years to recuperate so to speak, and so I settled in my mind and life that goal of five years.

It’s been just over three years now and things within me are still coming back to life.

You see, chaos is a thief. It robs us blind of our very heart and soul.

The strongest fibers of our life’s weave are mightily attacked, things we were once naturally good at are destroyed and in that process we forget our passions and the deep yet simple gladness of being.

For me it shows up in the little things. Sure I may be writing books and creating education and building people in various places. But these things are the easy things for me. I’ve always been about the odd and the extravagant.

The chaos attacked in me the simple things and the undercurrents of a ‘normal’ life. For instance, in chaos I lost my ability to make a meal. Chaos destroyed my pride of a clean home and the energy required to keep it so.

Chaos robbed me of simple hospitality and that easy place of having company for dinner. And through the years I lost the gentle expectation of holidays and the celebration around them.

Chaos made celebration a chore.

But this year, this fall season, there is fresh momentum as it continues to come back to me.

The cooking has been returning for over a year now. Bit by bit a desire to make this dish or to create that meal comes to my heart and soul and as I watch myself set about to cook I wonder at the birthing of my old self.

I’m three years past deliberately stepping out of chaos yet it is only in the last couple of months that it feels chaos is truly out the door.

For the thing with chaos is, it follows us. We gave it permission after all. Invited it, mentored it, soothed it, gave it all our time and attention and basically said by action, ‘Sure you can stay.’

It has taken some years to undo all that. It has been an uphill battle all the way.

It is why I am so tickled pink at the holy giddy hush pervading my soul as we gear up to Christmas. I am experiencing within myself that deep gladness of peace and celebration, of contentment and satisfaction that, if I peer back through the curtains of my past, I recognize in myself some twenty years ago.

I am coming back to life again.

Does it ever feel amazing.

So while I knew I needed five years I wouldn’t have even been able to say what exactly those five years were for. The scales and the weights needed to drop off for sure, but what really would be the new, what would replace that yuck? This I couldn’t have named.

Standing back and watching my own life is an interesting thing. The working of the Lord through all my parts is amazing. And so to is this re-birthing.

If I’ve learned nothing else it is this. Take the time to find ourselves. When the core of who we are has been lost in the mix, invest in the months and years needed to reclaim old strengths and fresh vision.

Walking deliberately and intentionally always reaps its own rewards.

It won’t be time lost.

Quiet Deep Inside

creativity and joyCreativity is a hard thing to grasp, and even harder to really go after.

I can always tell when there is some great piece of writing beneath the surface of my day, because I avoid writing like the plague.

There are always a number of things I can do rather than invest in the writing I am to actually be about.

My most favorite distractions, eating and television. Oh, and facebook.

Not that any one of these things are bad in and of themselves, yet when I circle around from one to the other and then back again, I can be sure I am simply avoiding creative work; avoiding digging into the deep of my spirit and soul to share and to put words to the latest thing pressing through me.

Reading a book earlier in the week, I was reminded that work is sacred.

It jumped off the page at me. Just like that. ‘Work is sacred’

I wanted to get away from what it was telling me. I wanted to pretend that it didn’t stand out at me so boldly and with such conviction. But it hasn’t gone away. And won’t go away.

Because I get it. I get that the work that any one of us are to truly be about, is a sacred act. A place where we step out of the ordinary and we enter into the holy.

This is the way writing feels to me. And when I am most tapped into the words I am to be putting to paper, I often feel overwhelmed with awe and that I must remove my shoes or get on my knees, for I am on holy ground.

So why do I avoid it? Why, when writing a book, do I spend 20 000 words skirting around the thing I most want to say? Why, when it is time to write a blog, do I sometimes make yet another cup of tea and find some other little thing to do for a time?

I don’t know about you, and how your work plays out in your life, but in mine, I think I am simply afraid. Afraid of entering into holy, that place in the true center of the work given me; afraid of the glory of God changing me.

Deep calls unto deep,

…and a lot of the time, I just want to stay shallow.

I imagine the greatest artists and sculptors and writers over the centuries, and I wonder how they got past the threshold of magnificence in their work. How did they enter into that holy, quiet and damning place in the center of their being?

All I know is that the only viable and useful work, comes from this place.

All the rest, is a sham, a pretend sort of work. Just great enough in its own way to make us feel good about ourselves, and just great enough in its own way for others to applaud us.

But the artist knows when they are not really producing the real goods.

It is time to get real quiet deep inside, make friends with what is there, and invite it and facilitate it out and into the world.

We won’t ever be the same.

And neither will the rest of the world.

Chosen from Birth

making life countWhat has been the cry of your heart for as long as you can remember?

It is in the quiet of the day that we are reminded of such. In the hustle and the bustle we cannot find the screaming whispers of our hearts. But in the quiet…

Perhaps that is why we (as a society at large) are afraid of silence.

For the longings and the passions cannot be ignored in the silence; we are brought face to face with ourselves. It’s not always an easy thing.

For what if ‘yourself’ wanted to feed the orphans in Romania?

What if ‘yourself’ longed to teach English in China?

If ‘yourself’ dreamed of traveling indigenous villages of Africa…

What would then be required of you? How do we respond to ‘ourselves’?

Any of these things (and all the myriad of options) require that we organize our life around these very same things. They demand no less.

And whether it is social justice kind of work or whether it is exploring the stars and the cosmos like you’ve always wanted, perhaps inventing a new shoe that increases circulation and well-being even while we walk, maybe its…

You fill in the blank.

It doesn’t matter what it is, for what it is for you and me is so incredibly unique that we dare not compare ourselves; whatever it is, do it because it is a part of you.

Life, real living, demands that we take notice and give voice to the deepest longings of our beings; your job for you, my job for me, each job for each.

And whether it is moving across town, across the continent, across nations, or whether it is changing jobs, the willingness to orient our lives around this hard inner pull marks the satisfied.

The dreams and desires and whispers of longing that come out in the silent moments, they deserve to be listened to.

Learn to honor yourself, the deepest core of you. It will surely change your life in some way. And this is exactly the starting place. If you can make changes in your life for you, then you can make changes in your life for others.

If you can respond to your own hearts longings, you can respond to the heart longings of others.

We have all been charged with the mandate to have dominion over our lives. To choose and to act and to express, to articulate by word and deed, the beauty placed deep within.

The key to the will of God in our lives, is found in the silent places. The longing, the dream, the whispered desires…

Those things, those things, are the will of God for you. Those things we are given by God’s own hand and heart. And it is now your turn to take hold of them, to take hold of yourself, and give breath to the seeds of life and of purpose that are within.

They are already there. We needn’t go looking anywhere. We must simply look inside… and get r-e-a-l quiet.

Like waiting on wildlife in the forest, dreams and visions and longings are as skittish as wild rabbits.

To get to know them, we must be quiet.

How might you build some quiet into your life today?