Bucket List

Cyndy LavoieI’ve never been ambitious in the traditional sense of the word. Never really had any burning desire to travel, had little inclination to jump out of planes (okay, no inclination), and haven’t ever been very daring when it comes to my personal physical being (ladders too high scare me).

I don’t ski, I don’t windsurf, I don’t even jog. Until I went to Uganda I would have chosen to stay off of a motorcycle thank-you-very-much. Mountains are pretty to look at but I don’t need to climb them.

Long story short I’ve struggled making a bucket list. You know, that list of things we would love to do before we die, before we kick the bucket?

Well I’ve not really had one. Until I realized that of course I do – it just looks very different than what I was expecting. So different in fact that I almost missed it.

Yet stirring deep in my being, for some time now, have been the following desires, and it has occurred to me that this is my bucket list.

1. I want to be transported in the Spirit to a gathering of believers across the seas.

2.  I want to board a plane without having bought a ticket, my ticket just being there by the Lord.

3. I want to raise the dead to life.

4. I want to heal bodies.

5. I want to meet and minister to Moses and Elijah when they sit in sackcloth on the streets of Jerusalem, maybe give them a bottle of water each.

6. I want to be a New York Times bestselling author.

7. I want someone to recognize the language I am speaking when I speak in tongues.

8. I want to pray and declare emotional and spiritual freedom over multitudes.

9. I want to have my children alongside me in ministry.

10. I want to receive a gem-stone supernaturally from the Lord.

11. I want to walk under an open heaven.

12. I want to see nations transformed by the power of God’s immense love and grace.

And that’s it. Twelve relatively simple things. This list feels quite doable but only because of who my God is. Not one of these can I make happen on my own. They all require collaboration of the highest order.

And something about that tickles me pink, and leaves me very excited.

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