The New Normal

cyndy compressed andIn less than a weeks time I am speaking on Success to Significance. I’ll be leading a conversation that explores the question, “What are the characteristics of a life that satisfies?”

In preparation I’ve been making my list and have narrowed it down to five characteristics found in those living a sense of significance.

One is about alignment with our creator.

Two of the five are about establishing our identity and of reckoning our lives thus far.

Another two are about moving forward and leveraging everything we’ve experienced into forward motion.

We start with experience because it is the one thing that no one can take from you. Same as belief and conviction, experience is what prepares us for tomorrow.

And whether good, bad, or ugly, your experience is in fact your resume upon which satisfaction rests.

It’s not about getting away from ‘that’. It’s about something much more powerful. I’ll show you how.

The conversation of identity comes close on the heels.

The thing with identity is that once established we are solid. The ground on which we walk may rattle to-and-fro from time to time, but it won’t affect our stride.

Imagine if establishing identity is as easy as asking yourself, “What make me glad?”

There are of course markers all along our lives of our purpose and our gifting and that thing which makes us glad. I’ll be showing you how to identify those.

Finally, alignment with our Creator brings us to the core of permission and invitation.

Alignment cuts through our presupposed manners of being that depend on lies and curses for existence.

Quite simply, who does God say you are?

Significance: Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and where the extraordinary becomes ordinary.

The new normal.


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