The Veil

P1080387 compressedIn coaching we are quite aware that just behind our knowing, just beyond our understanding, are answers and solutions and provision that we are not yet aware of.

As a coach my role is to facilitate a client in seeing what they could not see before.

Again and again I’ve seen and experienced this, where there seemed to be no answers, and then voila, answers begin falling into place.

When we are blind we cannot see what is right at hand yet just out of reach.

It is the same for ourselves in virtually every area of life.

We see dimly or not at all, and meanwhile a myriad of good things are right at hand, we simply don’t know it!

A week-plus ago I lost my keys. For an entire weeks time I’ve been unable to open my mail-box; mail has been arriving I could not access it, and had no idea what was there.

Meanwhile I’ve been nearing another trip to Uganda. Over the last few weeks since saying out loud, “Yes, this trip appears that it will happen.” each day has been an exercise in waiting on some things, putting action to other things, and simply, almost hourly, laying my fear out before the Lord.

“I am so freaking out right now God!”

Part of the waiting has been the full financial provision for the trip. Then its been wanting someone to stay at my home and with my kids while I am away, and a ton of other little things as well that all needed to be arranged and acquired.

With hundreds of people waiting on me in Uganda, with promises made that I am arriving and these are the weeks and here is the agenda…

And yet with no plane ticket bought, it would seem many moments of insanity,

If it wasn’t so clearly a trip of faith.

(But man has my faith been stretched!)

Every single day has been a day of waiting expectation…

Waiting for just that sense that ‘Yes’, time to buy a ticket…

Waiting for enough money to say spring into action…

Knowing it’ll be there…



Continuing on in action in every other way… waiting…

Monday morning I woke with a clear sense of ‘Today I need to finish packing my bag.’

Still no ticket bought…


As the early morning turned into mid-morning it became apparent that it was time to buy that ticket, and so it’s been purchased and I’m leaving on Wednesday.

Many of you will in fact be reading this while I am in flight.

With the ticket bought, confirmations back to Uganda made regarding my time of arrival, with my bag packed, I received a replacement key to my mailbox near the end of the day.

And right there, sitting for over a week’s time, right there but not known about, a cheque for over $2000.

I am reminded of the veil.

We are told in the Bible that when Jesus died on the cross that the veil in the temple was ripped in two. The veil being the division between human beings and God. This veil, hiding the secret things of God, was removed through the work of Christ.

Jesus’ coming ripped that veil in two, making a way to know God intimately. God is right there, but we haven’t always seen or perceived or understood.

And along with God comes the provisions and answers and solutions of our lives.

It is all right there.

All the answers.

All the solutions.

All the provision.

Even if we cannot see it, even if we cannot perceive it, even if…

It is all right there, just at hands reach, if only we could see.

A walk of faith is simply walking forward in the midst of NOT seeing the full answers, while simultaneously having the living God open our eyes to see provision and receive understanding in increasing fashion.

My own last weeks of faith walking have felt pretty brutal in a lot of ways. I’ve been stretched and pulled and pushed in ways I never would have chosen.

And yet I know that a walk of faith simply boils down to putting action to conviction, and so I’ve been busy about putting some action in every single day in order to be ready.

And while it all seems upside down (doesn’t one buy a ticket and then get ready instead of getting 100% ready and then buying a ticket!), in the realm of the supernatural where faith walks happen, it makes perfect sense.

For the answers that we cannot yet see, are right there; just behind the veil, just behind our perception, just outside our paradigms and beyond our understanding, but there nonetheless.

If we will only allow our minds and hearts to see in a different way.

A favorite verse of mine, “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

A relationship with the living God removes the veils from our faces. We understand things of the spirit that we had beforehand never even imagined.

Christ removed the veil between us and God, and now God removes the veil between us and the provision and answers for our lives.

With unveiled faces, from glory to glory

‘Jesus thank-you so much for removing the barrier between me and God. I accept this work done on my behalf, something I could not do myself, and I welcome your work and presence into my life. God thank-you for making a way that I can see and know and understand all you have for me. I invite your knowing into my life. Teach me to see beyond the veil.’

Jesus Christ: the original coach, opening our paradigms and understanding every single day!

I’m interested in what lays just beyond my understanding, beyond the way I naturally go about life, beyond what I can come up with on my own,

What about you?

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