CCIM College Diploma Option

CCIM College consists of Module ONE – Capturing God’s Heart, Module TWO – Walking in Spiritual Authority, and Module THREE – CCIM’s Discipleship Focus. Each of these Modules comes with it’s own certificate upon 1) completion of the content material, 2) scripture readings, 3) application exercises, 4) monthly review questions, 5) plus a one-page written (or oral summary) of each Module and how it has impacted your life.

It is your choice to complete any number of the modules, as your time, effort, and interest allows; each Module gives an accompanying certificate.

But for those who want to complete the entire course we also have available a CCIM College Diploma for those who want to take our Final Testing & Assessment.

To qualify for CCIM College Diploma in Transformational Leadership you need to:

  1. Complete Module ONE
  2. Complete Module TWO
  3. Complete Module THREE
  4. Complete Final Testing & Assessment

The course, in its entirety, can be taken at your speed. While the course can be done in an intensive one-years time, it may be a better option to complete each Module, one per year for three years. Then, taking the Final Testing and Assessment within one year of finishing Module THREE.

Note: the Modules must be completed in order. Module ONE followed by Module TWO, followed by Module THREE, then followed by the Final Testing and Assessment.

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“These classes have enabled us to really know the word of God. We learned the word of God deeper and can now teach the word of God to others. You have equipped us as disciples and we are now able to disciple others.”  Antony 

“These lessons have lifted me up in my pastoral work. I have learned through these lessons that we need to prepare (for sermons), that we must not be a person who divides but unites people, providing solutions. I have learned how to disciple others and that when the peace of Christ is extended to our hearts we are strong in him.” David

 “I had been having trouble with judgments and bitterness but today God took these from me”

“I was harassed by demons for many years. Now I am free and can sleep at night”

“CCIM is a Spirit-inspired, practical ministry. This is Biblical ministry which causes our heart’s to set right with God. We are leaders and we must have transformation. Character must be above gifting. Wherever gifting is above character it will be a mess. Theology gives knowledge but does not prepare a person to be equipped in the things of God. Theology does not change the person – we must have practical training that touches the inner man – CCIM training does this. We are not remaining the same.”  Evans 

“I have looked at your documents. This is exactly what we want for our pastors. I will discuss it with the national leaders and see how we could roll it out to the pastors. The CCIM curriculum will not leave our pastors the same. I am thankful to God that I met you at the right moment. You have solved a very big problem that I had. Thank you so much for the work you are doing for the sake of pastors. May God richly reward you and provide the necessary resources to take this to the whole world.” Dennis 

Diploma in Transformational Leadership