Inestimable Value

Value in UgandaImagine if you will for a moment, that you have a person by your side of inestimable value; a person who has made themselves invaluable to you. A person who knows what is important to you, what makes you tick, how you work best and the values by which you work.

Just imagine.

There is a Pastor Edison in Uganda, overseeing a number of churches throughout the surrounding area where he lives.

The day I spoke at his church I spoke of this:

“Imagine that Pastor Edison has a helper. But not just any helper. Imagine that this helper has made it top priority to know Pastor Edison. And not to just know him but to study him. To find out what is important to him.

What does he value, how does he go about his work, what is the manner of his interactions, what are his nonnegotiables? What are his goals and dreams, and what are the priorities in the churches he oversaw?

Imagine that before this person really offers what s/he might bring to the table, the first months are spent simply studying Pastor Edison. Just imagine that this person gets it that to know Pastor Edison is the first and foremost key to being useful to Pastor Edison, and to the surrounding parish”

As I asked there I will ask here, “Would this person be of use to Pastor Edison?”

Would this person have made him or herself incredibly invaluable?

The answer of course: and with a wide grin and dancing eyes, Pastor Edison gave a hearty, “Yes!”

It is the dream (and deep need) of every leader to have such a one(s) by their side.

I had been reading the book of Daniel in the Old Testament.

Daniel is a fantastic book that tells us so, so much about being promoted within a kingdom.

While many believe that promotion comes only to the lucky or the wealthy or by some off-chance, the story of Daniel in the time of the Babylonians testifies otherwise.

Promotion is never chance.

Daniel starts off as a foreigner in the land. The Israelites had been taken captive by the Babylonians, and Daniel finds himself a young man in service to the King.

We find a number of different things about Daniel and his character and service.

First off, we find that Daniel had a few of his own integrity points by which he wants to live, and he holds these close to himself, defends them and through tact and wisdom does not give them over to the oversight of anyone else.

Only a few times do we read of Daniel standing firm in his own stuff for his own stuff sake, but firm he does stand.

Daniel held to a level of personal integrity which powerfully paved the way for the rest of his incredible service to the Kings that came and went during his lifetime.

Reading further and as the stories are told, with snapshots of encounters with the Kings, we find Secondly that Daniel honors Kings.

He honored the earthly kings, and he honored the King of Heaven.

Daniel sought to know the hearts and motives and values of the Kings, and his service was always in fact a service to each King. He came to deeply love the Kings, and wanted only success and safety and prosperity for them.

Daniel was that one by the side, the one of inestimable value.

And because of this, his influence grew and grew and grew.

For you see, the King could trust him.

Daniel had proven over and over that he was there for the King,

And because the King could trust him, he entrusted him with his Kingdom.

Now, it is the same in this life, with us as people in our jobs and companies and organizations, and it is the same with the King of this Universe.

Promotions happen as we prove our trustworthiness.

It is all a test,

“Who can I trust?” is the question every leader is asking.

The entire Bible is God’s letter sharing (his) heart with us. We find God’s nonnegotiables. We find God’s passions. We find God’s values. We find God’s manner of work and priorities.

God is putting it all out there, “Here read of me, find out what makes me tick, what is important to me. I am looking for those who will serve alongside me, but first you must know me. Who will take the time to study me?”

It is the wise person who studies God, to find out how to serve and to be of inestimable value.

Like any wise person in any company or organization, the one who wants to be advanced seeking to study and learn the values and priorities and heart,

In like form, as we pour ourselves out in service to The King,

Proving that we are oriented to the King,

Taking our cues from the King,

Seeing all of life as through the eyes of The King,

We will be entrusted more and more, bit by bit, with the King’s Kingdom.

Trusted with the King’s priorities and heart and vision…

Inestimable value

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