Live to Win

Life is a test

Presuming that something matters,

Each test gauges our progress,

Ensures our movement, pace and process.

Tests are for us,

And tests are for instructors.

“How might we advance this person?”

“Is this person ready for promotion?”

It doesn’t matter the size of the test,

The importance of the test,

All of life is a test.

Will we give it our best shot,

Or will we cry foul?

From day one I’ve told my kids,

“Govern yourself or I will govern you.”

“Control yourself or I will control you. Which would you rather have?”

A test,

How will you do?

Will you take the challenge,

Or cry foul?

With equal opportunity for success,

All of us can prove ourselves in some way.

Life is in fact begging us to prove ourselves.

The gifts and talent that are inherent in you,

Must follow their own sequence in the releasing,

Their own path revealed.

Is the challenge taken,

Are the gifts revealed,

Or do we cry foul?

A sky-scraper must be preceded by a very large hole and substantial foundation,

That bridge across the large river takes years of infrastructure being built,

Can the company last the digging,

Can the workers stand the years?

In each of our own lives, we are the company, we are the worker,

Can we stand the heat.

Or will we cry foul?

Heat endured strengthens our stamina,

Veins come out as gold,

Dross is burned away,

Our resilience is established,

Our inner muscles of heart and soul refined and polished.

Will we endure the test,

Or cry foul?

Tested and proven to handle some,

We are given more,

Tested and proven to handle more,

We are given much.

Tests of attitude,



Stamina of heart and mind, soul and spirit,

Will we be moved, stretched, strengthened,

Or cry foul?

Can we be trusted,

Are we up for challenges,

Do we live to win or to simply get by.

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