A Gift

P1270641 compressedBaby Dorian has graced us with his presence. Such an incredibly sweet thing to welcome a little one into the world.

It has been a full couple of days.

Last week on the first of two long plane rides home from Uganda, I spent a bit of time decompressing, grieving over a few things, shedding a few worthwhile tears, and of course one of those things to grieve still more was the loss of my granddaughter Anna not quite a year ago.

I had just been praying miracles of heart and soul and body over many individuals in Uganda, and was so so sad that I had not been able to pray Anna back to life last May of 2011.

Looking ahead to increasing signs and wonders by God’s power yet through my own hands, I was simply hear-sick that these gifts were not there for her.

It has been a poison creeping into my heart.

We have all known that Dorian was arriving. Making preparations in many ways, my home has happily burgeoned to fit a bassinet and baby clothes and a bouncy-roo-thing. With teething ring and facecloths and baby dishes all in the cupboard…

All signs of life arriving. While still grappling with a life lost.

I am so glad for God and life alongside the Spirit.

(and that is an understatement)

Just last Saturday I was spending some time before the Lord, and taking this poison of regret in my heart to Jesus I was healed.

It is the same healing we are bringing to many in Uganda. The same healing that in Restoration Prayer many find relief.

With God’s hand on my heart the poison was drawn. Drained away by the power of our living God. Nothing can mimic this, there is no substitute.

All in perfect time

This past week I’ve been free and clear of regret and excess sorrow. With things set straight by my God, my heart received the last freedoms it needed to fully welcome Dorian.

All in perfect time

Making it into the delivery room just moments after he’d arrived, nestled on his Mamma’s belly and with the umbilical cord still attached he has been free to arrive simply as Dorian.

And with a few tears shared with my daughter (it is impossible to welcome one baby without remembering the last baby lost), we are heading forward into the future.

Dorian is a Greek name and it means ‘Gift’

Exactly what we all needed.

All in perfect time.

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